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For Sockers Captain Kraig Chiles, Soccer is a Lifelong Journey

For Sockers Captain Kraig Chiles, Soccer is a Lifelong Journey
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The Sockers Captain, Kraig Chiles, sums up the team’s fans with two words: THE BEST.

“The atmosphere in the arena is unbelievable, and the history of the organization is unlike any other team.”

Chiles, who holds the title of All-Time Leading Scorer for the Sockers, is a San Diego County local who grew up in Poway. It was in his hometown where he says he learned more than quick skills on the field, the sport taught him a valuable life lesson.

“I learned that’s it’s important to respect all of your teammates equally. The top of the roster is as important as the bottom.”

Chiles excelled as center mid for Poway High School, catching the eye of Lev Kirshner, head coach of men’s soccer at San Diego State University. Coach Kirshner offered him a partial scholarship and a place on the team. It proved to be a life-changing opportunity. It was while playing on the college level when he realized that he had a real shot at turning soccer into a career.

Chiles wants aspiring soccer players to know that their dream of being a professional player could come true one day too, as long as they, “Practice, practice, practice. Development is driven by individuals, not coaches or parents.”

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When Chiles isn’t playing for the Sockers, he’s still finding ways to enjoy the sport he loves. He’s the Director of the competitive youth soccer team, the Cardiff Mustangs. He also plays Futsal (a form of indoor soccer) and had the honor of being the captain of the US Futsal National Team.

Off the field, he loves fishing and spending time with his wife and kids.

Chiles plans on soccer being a life-long career. He says when he’s no longer a player, someday he’ll be a head coach, changing the lives of players just like his coaches did for him.

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