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Bring Your Ideas to Life at This Metairie Stained Glass Studio

Chuck Diesel, owner of Stained Glass Studio in Metairie, Louisiana, creates every single piece by hand. Years ago he came into the studio to look around because he wanted a bathroom window. But he decided to take classes from the studio’s previous owner, Yvonne Reed instead. He quickly developed a passion for the art and bought this Metairie Stained Glass Studio.

Customers can choose from approximately 60 different textures of glass along with hundreds of colors and clear textures here. Some people come in to the shop with what they want already in mind, while others walk in looking for ideas. Either way, patrons will be satisfied with the final result because they will be included in the process from start to finish.

And if a customer picks a piece that has been previously created, it will still be different. The pieces cannot be duplicated exactly because computers are not used. To find out how you can get your very own hand-made piece at Stained Glass Studio, visit http://louisiana.building-material.org/77156-stained_glass_studio.htm