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Did Ed Cooley Permanently Tarnish His Friar Legacy?

Even the most jaded fans were sold on Cooley by the end. I remember the feeling of optimism that blanketed Alumni Hall.
Ed Crosswell

Friars – Huskies Rivalry Center Court In Big East Tourney Thursday

Make no mistake, this is a rivalry at every level. The fanbases? Can’t stand each other. The coaches? No love lost once that ball goes in the air for the opening tip

The Friars Identity Question

Some early out of conference head-scratchers had Friartown wondering what this team was about. Sure, they were talented on paper, but could they get it done on the court?
PC Friars

Upsets, Optimism And The Luck Of The Irish: Friar Fans Weigh In

Simply put: South Dakota State's high scoring may be a result of facing low defensive effort opponents. Providence has a Justin Minaya. And a Nate Watson. And an Ed Croswell. And an Al Durham.
PC Big East

Which Big East Tournament Opponents Work Best For Friar Success

In the Big East, all roads lead to one final location: Madison Square Garden. And for the first time ever, the Providence Friars have found themselves on top of the Big East Conference standings heading into New York City.
ed cooley

Ed Cooley’s 10th Friars Anniversary: Memories And Milestones

Ed Cooley became the 15th head coach of the Providence College Friars mens basketball team ten years ago this coming week. “It feels like only yesterday that I was sitting in Alumni Hall, a soon-to-be graduate of Providence College, waiting for the press conference announcing new Friars head coach Ed Cooley to begin.” amzn_assoc_placement = "adunit0"; amzn_assoc_tracking_id...

Friar Rewind: A Look Back at Ed Cooley’s Return to Providence

"Who do you think should be the next head coach?" This is the question I'm discussing with another basketball fan as we lazily jaunt down the back stairs of Harkins Hall on a late March afternoon. The question was not new, nor was the answer singular in opinions. Since Keno Davis had been unceremoniously dismissed...

In Tough Times Friartown Sticks Together

It wasn't supposed to end this way. I've started writing this article maybe five different times, and every time I type the first part of that sentence I stop, and try to think of something better to say. I don't want this to be the opening statement on one of the last articles of the...

Friars Continue To Write Their Narrative

"Fans can anticipate things about the season before they even happen." Remember that line? I wrote that back in November at the start of the 2019-2020 Providence Friars basketball season. The article, written just two games into the season, was a celebration of the promise the Friars were showing for the year. Towards the end...
A.J. Reeves PC Friars

Friars’ Fortunes This Season Defy Easy Explanations

"So, how's Providence this year?" I get asked this question a lot, and if you've been following my columns I have had varying answers from the extremely positive to the highly pessimistic. How would I describe this team? I have spent the better part of the last 24 hours (post St. John's loss, for anyone keeping...