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Flashbacks of New Orleans by Graffiti Artist Banksy

Banksy, world-renowned British graffiti artist, visited the city of New Orleans in 2008. He created 14 pieces, most of which are now destroyed or covered up. Graffiti artist Banksy was leaving behind his brand of social and political commentary on Hurricane Katrina with his works. The most well-known is a stencil of a girl with an umbrella on the corner of Kerlerec and North Rampart streets.

Banksy also came to the city to battle anti-graffiti activist, Fred Radtke, known as the Gray Ghost. Radtke decided even before Banksy arrived to get rid of all traces of Banksy’s spray paint with his own signature splotches of gray paint. Only Banksy’s stencil of a girl with an umbrella remains in its original condition. This piece couldn’t be destroyed by the gray paint roller because it’s behind plexiglass.

To learn more about Banksy and his works, visit http://www.smithsonianmag.com/arts-culture/the-story-behind-banksy-4310304/