The response from our customers is generally terrific. They enjoy the showroom. We provide a terrific overall experience, but we ask the right questions. Many other dealers will not focus on or listen to the customer’s needs.

Those are important to us, and that translates into the type of product that we may direct them to. The color, options, that are available from those manufacturers and in the long run, the best overall experience with their doors and windows.

Hi, my name is Steven Constantino. I’m with Priority Doors and Windows and I’m a door window specialist. Quality does make a difference. We offer a variety of brands that are magnificent quality everywhere from vinyl to aluminum to steel, depending on the customer’s preferences. Those brands have great warranties and we stand by them as well. We work direct with homeowners, their contractors, architects alike, to ensure complete in the long run.

Regarding your needs, we’re gonna invite you to the showroom to shop, and we’re going to ask questions about your project, specifically your lifestyle. Do you have pets? Do you have children? Which direction these doors and windows are facing? These are important parts of the project. We want to make sure that we’re asking these questions to provide you one of the best possible product for those spaces and overall, the best experience.

You’re going to see 16,000 feet of the largest showroom in San Diego for doors and windows. We have a magnificent space here, much larger than any other dealer in the area, which makes it very comfortable for our customers to see and feel the windows in person. The next step to get started would be to send us your plans.

If you have plans for the project or just a windows schedule or door schedule., so we can then begin quoting. And then when you’re ready to move forward, we would invite you back in just to make sure that we have everything correct as far as colors, configurations, etc. and then we’re ready to move forward with the order. Well, these are important purchases for homeowners, and once the projects are complete, in most cases, we get great reviews.

Customers are very satisfied with their windows. Everything goes smoothly and the contractors are very happy as well. That’s an important part of the process, making sure there’s no pain points on the contractor side and addressing those concerns prior to ordering the doors and windows. The more service calls there are, the more trouble there can be at these job sites.

And we want to nip that in the bud on the front end. We differ from other dealers in many ways. We offer a variety of different brands. The knowledge that our reps possess of those brands is very detailed, as well as the level of service that we offer here. at Priority is a little bit different than some of the other dealers in the area.

The main benefit is the overall experience for the customer, the initial showroom consultation to the final installation. We hope that that experience goes well and we take the time to ask the questions and make sure that the customer is best served. Give us a call or visit us online at