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Hmart Adds a Touch of Home to Kearny Mesa, San Diego

For over 30 years, Hmart has worked its best to provide quality Korean food and service to communities throughout the US. Hmart’s newest community is now serving Kearny Mesa, San Diego. On Friday June, 7th Hmart opened its doors to local leaders, supporters and the general public; all who were thrilled to show their appreciation and pride for their food and culture.

The grand opening was filled with cultural pageantry and entertainment. As Hmart sets out to nourish the souls of their shoppers, one supporter went on to say that food in the Asian community means love and Hmart provides a way for Asians to experience a touch of home with the food they grew up eating.

hmart kearny mesa

Hmart on Balboa Avenue is the perfect addition to the variety of Asian inspired businesses in the Kearny Mesa neighborhood. The store is full of superior products at great prices that will help any cook create a magical meal.

Learn more about Hmart Kearny Mesa at www.hmart.com!