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INWEGO: The App That Dares You Try Something New

When tickets for a sports or live event go on sale, it’s often difficult to secure a spot in the race to click the “purchase” button first. The high price of a single ticket can also prevent someone from attending the event at all. A company in Atlanta noticed these frustrations in the sports and live event industries, and as a result, INWEGO was created in 2016.

INWEGO is a live event subscription service created by Experience, and it’s also a Cox Enterprises company. For $29 a month, INWEGO members can get tickets to unlimited sports and live events. These include, but aren’t limited to, pro sports, college sports, concerts, and festivals. INWEGO began in Atlanta, but on September 6th, it launches in its second city: Phoenix. Emily Herring, Senior Marketing Manager for INWEGO, is excited to see how the app will thrive in Phoenix.

“We know Phoenix will be a great city for INWEGO,” Herring said. “It has a large millennial audience with several colleges in the area. We also anticipate the variety of events will be a big draw as there are tons of sports, concerts, festivals and more.”

Herring notes that the app has been especially popular among a certain group of people: post-college millennials. This audience is at an ideal time in their lives to experience all that INWEGO offers.

“In our first city, Atlanta, we’ve seen a lot of pre-family people, people who are single or married without kids,” Herring said. “And they have loved it. We hear people say things like ‘I’ve been to more events this year than in my entire life’ or ‘this app practically dares me to try new things.'”

Whether you are part of the post-college millennial age group or not, INWEGO purposefully includes events that suit a variety of ages.

The process to secure a ticket is very straightforward. Starting five days before an event, an INWEGO user has the option to see an event’s details and press “claim my ticket” to reserve a ticket to it. The next step is just to show up at the event. INWEGO has location services to allow the user to “check-in” once they are in the general vicinity of the event, and then the ticket will be delivered directly to their phone. Seats are assigned randomly through INWEGO.

“You may have 300 level seats, or you may have seats in a suite,” Herring said. It really depends on the day and the event.”

INWEGO also has options for users that want to attend an event with friends. If two INWEGO members want to attend the event together, they can link their tickets and sit together. If an INWEGO user wants to attend an event with someone who does not have the app, there are also guest passes available. Guest passes are the ideal option for someone who wants to attend one event with a non-INWEGO user, such as a family member in town for the weekend.

One of the coolest things about INWEGO is its element of spontaneity.

“It’s really all about people who are willing to discover and try new things,” Herring said. “Maybe someone will subscribe to INWEGO because they are interested in the Suns or the Coyotes, but suddenly they are going to the Mac and Cheese Fest that they didn’t previously know was happening.”

The INWEGO team also recently began a program called GoRewards, which gives points to users every time they renew their subscriptions. The points can go towards early access to an event, and new perks to spend points on will be coming out shortly.

For any Phoenix residents looking to enjoy a variety of events in their vibrant city, INWEGO is the perfect app to do just that. For more information, visit the INWEGO website or download the app on the App Store or Google Play TODAY!