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Enjoy Exclusive Arizona Wines at Four Eight Winemakers

David Baird, the tasting manager at Four Eight Wineworks talks about Arizona’s first and only winemakers cooperative. Four Eight Wineworks offers wines made only by Arizona wine producers, all produced at the same facility.


The fruit comes mostly from Arizona, but some of the winemakers head to California and New Mexico for their grapes. Four Eight Wineworks helps members at every step along the way with the wine making process. Whether a winemaker needs help transporting the fruit, or refrigerated space for the finished product or help with compliance and administrative services, Four Eight Wineworks is there to help.


Once the wine comes to Four Eight Wineworks, Baird and the tasting staff try to provide a laid back, easy going, educational experience for wine tasters. Four Eight Wineworks is located at 907 Main Street Clarkdale, AZ.For more information, please visit their Facebook page: www.facebook.com/four8wineworks