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Find the Help and Resources You Need at the Beus Center

Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs, Tom Williams is happy to report several spaces in The Beus Center for Law and Society are available to outside groups, particularly non-profit groups and some for profit groups. The spaces available range from a great hall to conference rooms, with 60 outside groups having already reserved spaces into February 2017.

Beus Center Public Access

In addition there are a number of outside groups in the building offering resources and services to the public. The ASU Alumni Law Group is a teaching law firm; working with people who have modest means and legal needs. The Arizona Legal Center serves as a legal triage; helping people understand if they truly have a legal need or just a problem and they need advice. The Law Library is a fantastic space and people can find out more about the law and use it for self-help. The librarians are tops in the country and are able to give people direction and good guidance in going about self-help.

Depending on the problem or the need the public can find help and resources from: ASU Alumni Law Firm, Arizona Legal Center and the Law Library.