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Discover Arizona’s Little Piece Heaven Alcantara Vineyards

Discover Arizona's "Little Piece of Heaven"

Alcantara Vineyards owner, Barbara Predmore describes the vineyards as her little piece of heaven, her Shangri-La. She came across the 87 acres of land located right in the heart of Arizona and knew it was special. It is where the last two flowing rivers come together; Verde River and Oak Creek. The land has been inhabited by generations of indigenous people. They were all sustainable on the land because the water allowed them to farm, fish and hunt.

Predmore explains Alcantara as being a wine culture and very boutique, but very much in to recognizing each individual vine as it is growing. She wants consumers to taste the variety and what is coming out of the earth and how it manifests itself in the grapes.

Alcantara Vineyards offers guided tours, wine tasting and food. There are two levels of tasting. Tasters pick the wines they want to taste based on the level of wine. There are several wines produced and offered at the vineyard. The signature wine is comprised of the best grapes blended together and is named Confluence. The name is symbolic of the two rivers coming together.

The Water to Wine Tour has been advertised all over the world. Anderson says it is the only tour like it in the United States. Tourists kayak under trees on the Verde River, past the confluence and up to the vineyards to enjoy the wine. The wine is a product of the incredible land; Alcantara and the Verde Valley. Visitors take time to enjoy, sit and share.

Alcantara Vineyards are an hour from the Valley and a great escape. Alcantara is a magical place to be experienced.