Colonial Williamsburg is filled with history and heritage everywhere you go. But one of the best places to have a relaxed, casual day, is Ford’s Colony Country Club. It’s not only a fantastic place to place golf, but also to eat amazing food, enjoy the community, and host your next wedding.

Although open to the public, by becoming a member of Ford’s Colony, you are entitled to joining the ClubCorp family. The ClubCorp family gives you the access to all their golf courses and venues, not just in Williamsburg, but also the 200+ facilities across the U.S. so you are able to travel and enjoy each location at your will.

Ford’s Colony also has many venues around their Country Club for you to chose from for your wedding. From outside in their garden pavilion, to upstairs in their beautiful dining room, there are many options their personal events planner will discuss with you so that you may have the perfect wedding experience.

For more about Ford’s Colony Country Club, click and watch the video.