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Derek Stingley “100 Percent Committed” to LSU

In case anyone was questioning Derek Stingley’s commitment to LSU, he reiterated his stance this past weekend at The Opening Finals in Frisco, Texas. “LSU’s the place for me and I know that I won’t change my commitment. I’m 100 percent committed to LSU and I won’t take any other visits.”

For Stingley, it came down to family and his relationships with the coaching staff. “It’s a good place. It has a lot to offer to everybody. I get to play in front of all my family and friends because they’re all in state and they can just make the drive over to Baton Rouge.

“My relationship with Coach Corey (LSU Defensive Backs Coach Corey Raymond), sets me up for the future. He’s telling me stuff about life and he knows what he’s talking about.”

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As far as The Opening Finals, Stingley shined competing against some of the best high school talent in the nation including this pick six.

“I came in here looking for a chance to compete. This is the top people in the nation. There’s people here who I haven’t heard of and they were out here ballin’.”

And next year, Stingley will be competing against more top talent at LSU.