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Highlights: Central Wildcats vs. Dunham Tigers

The Dunham Tigers are defeated 42-28 by the Central Wildcats.

In their first game of the regular season, local coaching legend Sid Edwards and his Central High School Wildcats took on Neil Weiner and his Dunham School Tigers.

Dunham, a 2A school, is expected to have a good season; The 5A school, Central High School, managed to surprise by playing hard on defense, and managed to outlast the Tigers in the contest.

The incredible game started off strong with an early Dunham lead. The Tigers scored a touchdown from Mike Williams to Treylan Mouton with 7:03 in the first quarter. Following the Tiger touchdown, the Central Wildcats’ Keenan Leachman evened the score 7-7 after a bad snap on a punt at the end of the first quarter. The Tigers scored again in the second quarter. The first of two huge touchdowns from Mike Williams put them in the lead with 14-7 in the second quarter.

Central High scored the next three touchdowns, after Parker Evans connects with Destin Franklin, along with two runs by Quint Guerin. The Wildcats’ offensive line showed their strength, with a three quarterback committee in and out of the game. The Wildcats lead the Tigers 28-14 at halftime.

Following the half, Mike Williams recovered a Central punt. Williams successfully passed to Derek Stingley into the endzone. A two-point conversion followed and brought the score within eight points with 10:25 left in the third quarter. The Wildcats returned to score two back to back touchdowns. After a two-point conversion, the Wildcats left a third quarter score of 42-22 Wildcats.

In a phenomenal fourth quarter, the Dunham Tigers’ Mike Williams raced across the field to score a 98-yard touchdown. The score raised to 42-28 Wildcats. Central’s defensive line shined in the fourth quarter. After they repeatedly sacked Williams as he attempted to make another touchdown pass. In addition, a missed connection to Mouton resulted in another turnover for Central.

After a hard fought game, the final score was 42-28.