UWF Argos Men & Women’s College Basketball on YurView Florida

Premieres Wednesday, Dec. 9th on YurView Florida (Cox ch. 2 in Pensacola, ch. 6 in Okaloosa County & ch. 15 in Gainesville/Ocala)

University of West Florida men and women’s basketball return to the court Wednesday, December 9th.

Argo fans can watch 20 games throughout the season live on YurView FL – Cox channel 2 in Pensacola, channel 6 in Okaloosa County, and channel 15 in Gainesville/Ocala.

See the full schedule of games below.
UWF Men’s Basketball

The UWF men’s team is coming off a 14-14 record and sixth-place finish in the Gulf South Conference. Jeff Burkhamer’s club is picked to place fourth this season in the GSC largely on the strength of their returning cast.

uwf men's basketball
UWF senior guard – #11 Tarik McKelphin (Photo courtesy UWF Athletics)

The Argos return three senior guards that accounted for 34 percent of the team’s backcourt scoring – Tarik McKelphin (10.4 PPG), Brett Carter Jr. (8.5 PPG) and Cameron Cox (7.0 PPG).

UWF Women’s Basketball

Head coach Stephanie Lawrence Yelton leads the UWF women’s team in her ninth season. Yelton has reached the NCAA Tournament four times and looks to regain a spot in the postseason.

UWF senior forward – #15 Danielle Norquest (Photo courtesy UWF Athletics)

This season, the Argos are led by Danielle Norquest. The senior forward ranks 11th all-time at UWF in total rebounds and averaged 14.5 points and 12.9 boards a game her junior season.
Other returning players include junior guard Rachel McCree (9.9 points/2.9 rebounds per game), and junior guard Charlotte Ellmore (9.7 points/4.0 assists per game).

UWF Basketball Schedule on YurView FL (all games CST)
Sport                    Date             Time        Opponent                Home Team 
Women’s BasketballDec. 96:30 PM🆚 ShorterWest FloridaLIVE
Men’s BasketballDec. 123:00 PM🆚 LeeWest FloridaLIVE
Men’s BasketballDec. 186:30 PM🆚 Auburn-MontgomeryWest FloridaCanceled
Men’s BasketballDec. 193:00 PM🆚 Auburn-MontgomeryWest FloridaCanceled
Women’s BasketballJan. 86:30 PM🆚 MontevalloWest FloridaLIVE
Women’s BasketballJan. 93:00 PM🆚 MontevalloWest FloridaLIVE
Men’s BasketballJan. 163:00 PM🆚 West GeorgiaWest FloridaLIVE
Women’s BasketballJan. 226:30 PM🆚 LeeWest FloridaLIVE
Women’s BasketballJan. 233:00 PM🆚 LeeWest FloridaLIVE
Men’s BasketballJan. 296:30 PM🆚 ShorterWest FloridaLIVE
Men’s BasketballJan. 303:00 PM🆚 ShorterWest FloridaLIVE
Women’s BasketballFeb. 26:30 PM🆚 Valdosta StateWest FloridaLIVE
Women’s BasketballFeb. 56:30 PM🆚 West GeorgiaWest FloridaLIVE
Women’s BasketballFeb. 63:00 PM🆚 West GeorgiaWest FloridaLIVE
Men’s BasketballFeb. 126:30 PM🆚 MontevalloWest FloridaLIVE
Men’s BasketballFeb. 133:00 PM🆚 MontevalloWest FloridaLIVE
Women’s BasketballFeb. 196:30 PM🆚 Auburn-MontgomeryWest FloridaLIVE
Women’s BasketballFeb. 206:30 PM🆚 Auburn-MontgomeryWest FloridaLIVE
Men’s BasketballFeb. 266:30 PM🆚 Valdosta StateWest FloridaLIVE
Men’s BasketballFeb. 273:00 PM🆚 Valdosta StateWest FloridaLIVE