The Pete Maravich Assembly Center was the host of the 13th Annual Louisiana House of Representatives vs Louisiana Senate HoopLA Basketball Game earlier this month. The expedition not only gave the victor bragging rights for 365 days, but also raised money for the refurbishment of outdoor courts in two districts.

The House picked up a 38-30 win on the strength of New Orleans Representative Matthew Willard, the game’s MVP. Port Allen Senator Rick Ward was the games high scorer. Former LSU basketball player Hollis Temple III entered in the final minutes to try and close the gap for the Senate, but his efforts was not enough.

After the game, each legislator summitted their name into a hat to see what district would get a new court. Alexandria’s Ed Larvadain and New Orleans Representative Royce Duplessis will benefit from the facelift.

(L-R): Kristina Lagasse Sarai, Cox Mgr, Gov’t and Reg Affairs; Louisiana State Treasurer John Schroder; Erin Monroe Wesley, Cox VP, Field Public Affairs at HoopLA 2022

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