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2016 State Champs Chandler Defeat #1 Ranked Perry

The defending state champions from Chandler High School had an outstanding game against the #1 ranked Perry High, defeating the Pumas 55 to 27.

(To view game replay, go HERE.)

The Chandler defense gave Brock Purdy and the rest of the Puma offense little to work with in the first half. Perry went scoreless in the first half, while Jacob Conover and the offensive Wolves could not be stopped, putting up 28 points before halftime.

The second half proved to be a fresh start for the Pumas. Colbie Dickie led the charge with a touchdown to open the half, but the Wolves were not finished. Chandler muscled down the field 3 more times before Perry would score again, widening their lead to 48 to 6. Perry held the wolves to just one more touchdown while chipping in 3 more TD’s for themselves. But time ran out just as Perry caught a groove.

Wolves senior RB Drake Anderson could not be contained all night, scoring 4 of Chandler’s touchdowns and having over 200 yards rushing.

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