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Culinary Solutions To Thanksgiving Turkey Conundrums

Nothing says love like homemade turkey gravy!


Holidays are no time for conundrums; culinary or otherwise. Two big holiday home cook brain teasers often are:

  • TURKEY GRAVY: store bought or homemade?
  • TURKEY CARVING: How the ^&*% to do it correctly

Let’s attack the gravy first:

Sure picking up a jar of turkey gravy off a supermarket shelf is pretty easy, especially on Thanksgiving when you have so much else to worry about in the kitchen. But is “easier” really what you’re going for when family’s appetite and tradition are involved? Probably not.

What’s worlds better is a rich, savory homemade gravy to highlight the big bird; the star of the day. And since turkey is delicious, but does not necessarily attack your taste buds on its own, a little assistance in accenting the big guy’s taste subtleties doesn’t hurt.

Of course a good homemade gravy that doesn’t have the consistency and taste of either kindergarten paste or tap water can be challenging. That’s why it’s great to have a friend who is a chef! Reader, meet your new friend and turkey gravy coach, Chef Nick Rabar from Rhode Island’s popular Avenue N Restaurants

So, OK, you now have that incredible gravy simmering on the stovetop ready to show that crazy family just how much you adore them. And the turkey is ready. Ohhhh, the turkey is ready! Now you have to carve the darn thing!!!!!  Splatter and juices all over the floor and your clothes (except for the apron of course – that’s perfectly clean) – and the bird on the cutting board is sliding around the counter like a hockey puck. UGH.




Is your only option to wait until no one is looking and pull the darn thing apart by hand?

Fret not! Chef Nick Rabar once again to the culinary rescue with his easy turkey carving method, guaranteed to keep your evening gown or tux (if you skew a little overly formal on holidays) perfectly clean and fresh smelling.

And it’s as simple as that! Homemade gravy, a perfectly carved turkey. So much to be grateful for on Thanksgiving. Have a turkey-licious holiday.