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Dash to the Desert Overtime – Late Game Situations

Dash to the Desert Vin Parise

There’s been 64 games played so far in the NCAA Tournament, and no shortage of late game situations to dissect. One of the most recent came in the Sweet 16, and Vin Parise and Scott Williams are fired up about it in an Overtime segment from Episode 3 of Dash to the Desert.

In one of the greatĀ contests from this season’t Big Dance, Florida was holding a three-point lead in the Sweet 16 over Wisconsin in the final seconds of regulation, setting up one of basketball’s classic questions. Should the defense foul and not allow the offense to hit a potential game-tying three-point FG? The Gators didn’t foul, the Badgers hit a ridiculous, off-one-foot thee-pointer, sendingĀ it to overtime and an even better finish (and more questions pertaining to strategy).

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Parise and Williams discuss these questions, as they admittedly play Monday morning quarterback on Dash to the Desert.