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    The Maya Angelou Quarter

    The Maya Angelou Quarter from the US Mint

    The US Mint is rolling out new quarters that will be presented this year through 2025.

    The Maya Angelou quarter is the first in the American Women Quarters Program, which will include coins featuring prominent women in American history. The new coin still features George Washington’s visage on the “heads” side, while the “tails” side honors Angelou by evoking one of her most famous works, the autobiography “I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings.”

    Maya Angelou
    Writer Maya Angelou attends the memorial celebration for Odetta at Riverside Church on February 24, 2009, in New York City.

    “Each time we redesign our currency, we have the chance to say something about our country — what we value, and how we’ve progressed as a society,” Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen stated. “I’m very proud that these coins celebrate the contributions of some of America’s most remarkable women, including Maya Angelou.”

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