Solutions for Erectile Dysfunction from Bridgeside Medical Clinic

Erectile dysfunction, or “ED” for short, is way more common than people realize. Up to 40% of men are effected by ED by the time they hit 40! Bridgeside Medical Clinic offers a non-invasive approach to treating erectile dysfunction, without having to have surgery, get injections OR take pills! Andrew Rinehart joins us to explain more.

Left Coast Sports – Talking Rugby in America

Jon Schaeffer is joined by Matt McCarthy, Host of Rugby Wrap Up, to discuss the US rugby season.

HoopLA Again Provides Fun and Competition For A Cause

The Pete Maravich Assembly Center was the host of the 13th Annual Louisiana House of Representatives vs Louisiana Senate HoopLA Basketball Game earlier this month. The expedition not only gave the victor bragging rights for 365 days, but also raised money for the refurbishment of outdoor courts in two districts. https://twitter.com/louisianasenate/status/1523784525783912448 The House picked up a...

Somatic Therapy & Disney’s Encanto

On this episode of Calm, Cool and Connected- Dr. Liz talks to Yolanda Renteria. Yolanda is a trauma therapist who has gone viral on TikTok, for giving her (psychological) take on all of the characters from Encanto!
Deion Imade, Ford High School Weekly

Prep Redzone Showcase Showcases Oklahoma High School Talent

The Prep Redzone Showcase is an event for high school football players to make an impression on coaches and recruiters. Deion Imade talks with players and coaches about the opportunities that an event like the Showcase can create. Check out the work and the competition at the Prep Redzone Showcase.

Wound Treatment Center at Opelousas General Health System

Dr. Kerry Thibodeaux – Medical Director, Wound Treatment Center (00:03) The Wound Treatment Center and Opelousas General Health System have been here for 30 years, we have one of the greatest teams with a tremendous amount of experience. We're available 24/7 And we treat both inpatients and outpatients for a variety of wound complications. Wound...

A Balanced Life with Joshua Jané

Community Builder of Percolator,  Founder of Contraband Fitness, Balance motivator—Joshua Jané joins Alexis to chat about his solutions to finding balance in your day-to-day life. Can you break done what is the difference between the emocional action of your mind set? How does the community and the mindset work all together? What is a co-working space? All this and more in this episode of We Are Living Healthy.

High Performance Coaching

In a society where being busy is sometimes taken as a badge of honor, it’s really easy to find it hard to say “no”! But there is a fine line between busy, burned out and exhausted- and the lines between all of the aforementioned tend to get muddy on a frequent basis.

Chula Vista Auto Group

The Chula Vista Auto Group is your local resource for new and previously owned vehicles. Kamran Syed – General Sales Manager, Chula Vista Ford (00:04) The Chula Vista Auto Group is a combination of multiple franchises down Main Street, Chula Vista Honda, Chula Vista Kia and Chula Vista Ford. The cool thing about this dealership is...
things to do in oklahoma city

15 Fun Things to Do in Oklahoma City Today

Since there's an abundance of amazing places to visit in Oklahoma City, we compiled a helpful list of top things to do when you're in town, all of which are recommended by locals. Let the adventures begin!