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Enjoy the Road to the 2024 Summer Games in Paris

Enjoy the passion, glory, and excitement leading up to the 2024 Summer Games with YurView''s Preview Package

Enjoy more of the passion, excitement, and Summer Games storylines leading up to the opening ceremony. From April 1st to July 27th YurView will air over 100 hours of preview programming.

Learn about the upcoming games with YurView’s exclusive preview programming as we highlight athletes, venues, and preparation involved in bringing this marquee event to life as well as the history and rules of the Summer Games.

YurView’s 2024 Summer Games preview package includes:

Watch the Summer Game Preview Package on YurViewCountdown to Paris – 30-minute show: the ultimate preview of the Summer Games with extensive lead-in coverage previewing the events, athletes, nations, and developments as Paris prepares for sport’s most prestigious event.

Watch the Summer Game Preview Package on YurViewGuide to the Games 30-minute show: leading up to the games with a comprehensive look at the events, an explanation of the rules, the history, and insight into the competitors to watch in Paris.


Watch the Summer Game Preview Package on YurViewDestination Paris – 60-second features published to YouTube weekly: Destination Paris features a cross-section of colorful stories previewing the 2024 Games, including the preparations, information about the stadiums, the host city, the sports, and the athletes to watch.

How to watch

  • Cox Contour TV customers can watch the 2024 Summer Games Preview Package on the YurView channel in your area. Or, to watch on the go, download the Cox Contour app on Apple and Android.
  • Stream free at watch.yurview.com or download the YurView app on Amazon Fire, Roku & Google Play to watch on your TV.

Watch the Summer Games preview package on YurView.