Melanie Pellowski

Krysten Muir

Still Kicking: The Lone Girl in an Extreme Culture of Boys

Krysten Muir had no problem splitting the goalposts in high school, but her place on the Marco de Niza football team is what gave her the confidence to know no boundaries when striving to achieve her goals anywhere else. “Being the only girl on the football team has prepared me for college by showing me...
Julio Guichard on De Todo Un Poco

Julio Guichard’s Lifetime of Achievement Finds Roots in a Little Bit of Everything

Julio Guichard is not just the host of De Todo Un Poco, a Spanish language television program airing on YurLA (previously Louisiana's Cox 4) since 1994. He is the heart and soul of his show and a prime example of what draws so many interesting characters to this special southern hub with culture and kindness...
Summer Reading

15 Picks for a Sports Fan’s Summer Reading List

What makes a good summer reading list? Well, let's take a sporty summertime approach to this picking and choosing game. This sports lineup was produced with the same mentality a kid has when picking a wiffle ball team in an open field filled with eclectic neighborhood characters. An immediate go-to-draft-pick is the all-star selection. These...
C-Span Student Cam

Cox and C-SPAN Partner for Student Documentary Competition

C-SPAN and Cox Communications have visual proof that the future of professional storytelling is in good hands, and the present is filled with intelligent, creative and vibrant young minds. Many of these talented producers have the potential to make a real difference in the world, and they don't just reside in Oklahoma. They go...
Healthy Life

How to Lead a Healthy Life for the Long Haul

One of the biggest hills to climb when building a long-term commitment to a healthy life is realizing that good health is not a sprint, but rather an ongoing relay of personal achievement. A healthy lifestyle is not the medal you put on after finishing a race. It's more of a marathon than a...

Hop Jam Festival featuring Hanson among Full Lineup of Local Spring Festivals

Fifteen Festivals for Family-Fun this Spring A season of rebirth, spring is the perfect time to get out on the town and expose yourself to some sunshine! Luckily, there's ample opportunity to grow and embrace new cultures, listen to bands from near and far while appreciating all of the things you already know you love. When...
Chocolate Easter Bunny

Lose Those Extra Pounds After Your Easter Feast

Trying to shape up? You're not alone. This whole vicious cycle of battling the scale starts in October. Do you know the real scary part about Halloween? The fun-sized snickers bar that turns into a holiday snicker doodle. It never ends. Yet, here it is, April, and there they are, thousands of chocolate bunnies not hopping away...
Conserving H2O

Seven Tips for Conserving Water

Water! What is it good for? Absolutely nothing! Oops, wait. That's not how the song goes. The answer is actually that water is good for everything. Without water, life would stink. It would be a wasteland. Actually, there would be no life. Imagine life without water. Wine is nice for a snow day, but forever? The human body...
WWII Quiz Bowlvideo

WWII Quiz Bowl: Understanding the Present by Learning the Past

Gone are the days of sitting around a table pondering the answer to a question posed by one of the group. Poof! Just like that, a person has solved the trivia puzzle boggling their brain, courtesy of their favorite pocket-sized Internet search agent advertised as a necessity. Technology has provided a comprehensive cheat sheet for...
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