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Julio Guichard’s Lifetime of Achievement Finds Roots in a Little Bit of Everything

Julio Guichard is not just the host of De Todo Un Poco, a Spanish language television program airing on YurLA (previously Louisiana’s Cox 4) since 1994. He is the heart and soul of his show and a prime example of what draws so many interesting characters to this special southern hub with culture and kindness oozing down every street.

The family man behind “a little bit of everything” (the meaning of de todo un poco in English) has devoted nearly all of himself to the craft he was born to master. His career was driven by a commitment to being a caretaker of his own kin, but his natural-born ability to relate to others has made him a reliable icon. Through his many television segments and interviews, he has provided other New Orleans transplants with access to news and sports back in their home countries such as Mexico, Honduras and Cuba.

That kind of hometown inspiration and support has been Guichard’s specialty as a community leader that found his way from Cuba to New York City to land in New Orleans back in 1963. With all of the great history and tradition surrounding this unique and thriving Louisiana hot-spot, Guichard found his niche and his home.

“We are a much better place because we lucked out and got him.”

“New Orleans, as we say, is a gumbo,” Guichard’s friend and colleague John Redmann said. “We are a much better place because of all of these wonderful, great people that have ended up here. Julio Guichard stands out as one of the excellent people that ended up here serendipitously. We are a much better place because we lucked out and we got him.”

Redmann, a Louisiana attorney, has known Guichard for a number of years, and during that time he has had the opportunity to share the stage in a television segment that provides legal advice in a discussion of the law and people’s rights. Redmann answers different legal questions and is one example Guichard’s knack for providing his viewers with a great resource for learning important life lessons.

“I’m blessed in many ways and one of the blessings is I got to have Julio Guichard as a friend, a role model and working colleague these past seven, eight years,” Redmann said. “This guy is iconic and I recognize it. I don’t know if there’s three other people alive today at least in this region of the country who have a resume like this guy.”

It’s no doubt that Guichard has been a trailblazer in the field of Spanish Language programming. He got his start in radio by securing advertising spots for WBNX in New York City. The head of a young family at the time, he realized the Big Apple was not the place to safely raise his children. A friend suggested a move to New Orleans and here Guichard came with no money and a lot of faith in a new city with a Latin feel.

The hard work ethic that Guichard carried, knowing a retreat back home to Cuba was not feasible, did not harden his heart or his outlook as he looked ahead. This determined vulnerability drove him to succeed while seamlessly drawing others to believe in his hopeful and intelligent take on life.

Guichard was compelled to build a career in Spanish communications, and his infectious personality led others to want to help him accomplish this goal. It didn’t take long for him to find his way back to radio in New Orleans, though he had to make a living doing other things as well. His big break came in the early 1970’s when he and Alberto Carrillo, a Costa Rican immigrant with a similar vision, turned KGLA into a Spanish language program radio station which broke the mold on that type of programming in New Orleans at the time.

Next came the first Latin American Music Festival in New Orleans that again had Guichard leading the way. All of this became possible because of Guichard’s heart and commitment to the growing Hispanic community.

Julio receives 2017 New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Foundation Lifetime Achievement Award:

“He’s always been such a gentleman. He has so much integrity and always treats all of his guests very well,” Redmann reflected. “He commands respect and he is admired.”

Pick any complimentary word, and Redmann pulled it out of his vocabulary to describe Julio Guichard. Guichard has received awards for his work and commitment to serve his community through his talent of communication. The Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Louisiana recognized him in 2012 with the Excelencia Award for Lifetime Community Service.

No award can fully grasp the impact Guichard has made with his impressive broadcasting career and dedication to providing support to the culture of New Orleans and its gumbo of transplants. His legacy and iconic presence seeps into the Spanish flavors and countless stories he has helped share by doing a little bit of everything to keep Latin roots alive in the new location that has remained his lasting home.