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Unique Gift Ideas For Your December Shopping Season

December means shopping, so we head to a vintage shop to show you how to find unique gifts. And AZ Home Loans show us how to get a stress free loan, DownEast tells us about their mattress donation program, making a holiday ornament and new flooring options for your home.

We take you to this unique vintage shop that is only open four days a month and believe us it’s worth the wait.

Getting a new home can sometimes seems out of reach but with the help of the experts at AZ Home Loans it just got easier. They’ll walk you through the loan process and show you the best options for your financing. For more information, go HERE.

Fine furniture, clothing and accessories can all be found at DownEast Home and Clothing. This one of a kind store can solve all of your shopping needs.

If you’re looking for a personalized gift this holiday season we’ve got the answer in our Craft Room Crash.

If you’re looking to get a fresh look for your floors before the holidays AAA Hardwood Floors has some beautiful and economical options for you.

Papa Murphy’s offers the freshest pizza – Take’N’Bake. The concept is to visit a Papa Murphy’s and build your own pizza from scratch, take it and bake it at home. It is hot, fresh and there is no wait for delivery.