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AJ Reeves’ Advanced Offensive Arsenal

Along with David Duke, AJ Reeves highlights an incoming Friars’ class that is sure to electrify Providence next season.

In AJ Reeves, Providence College is getting a guy with an advanced offensive arsenal. He’s a scorer first and foremost. His best weapon is behind the three point line, but he’s developed a terrific mid range game as well.

He really excels in creating space with little step-backs. He uses fadeaways with just enough fade to help him get his shot over smaller guys, but not so much that it becomes a bad shot.

His offensive arsenal, his understanding of how to create space and his ability to create shots that translate to the next level are all advanced for a player his age.

“I will say I’m more of a scorer who can fill it up from the three point line, midrange and attacking the basket,” said Reeves. “I also like to get my teammates involved. I’ve been working on becoming an overall leader. I just try to bring energy.”

He’s got good size for the wing. He’s a solid athlete and he’s built up his body, especially over the course of the last year. Providence is getting a guy that’s going to be able to come in and play two different positions, either wing spot, and really make shots from behind the arc and be able to create space for his pull up game as well.

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