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Get to Know a Real-Life Dreamer’s Family

With all the talk of DREAMERS and DACA, we thought we’d visit with a real-life DREAM Family. The family González, is composed of Mr. Juan Daniel González his wife Nereida and his daughter Andrea, a student who is benefitting from the DACA program. Learn what it means to her and her family to face the possibility of losing all of the benefits they have lived under. Hailing from Venezuela with many dreams and high hopes like many other families, this family’s children have been raised in the United States and considered themselves Americans. The decision to remove Daca benefits is something that will affect them very personally.

La visita de “la familia soñadora”, la familia González, está compuesta por el señor Juan Daniel González su esposa Nereida y su hija Andrea, Andrea nos vino hablar también del daca, ella es una estudiante beneficiada del daca y nos cuenta cómo es vivir en carne propia el perder todos esos beneficios que tenían sobre el daca.

Ellos vienen desde Venezuela con muchos sueños con muchas esperanzas, sus hijos son criados en los Estados Unidos y se consideran americanos, esta decisión de remover el Daca es algo que les ha afectado muy de cerca.

For more informatino about DACA and the Dreamers Project, please visit their website: