Full House at the Ryan Center-Photo Credit: Alan Hubbard

If you’re a law abiding Rhode Islander then you’re up to the same thing I am these days on the weekends. Not much.

Beyond the downtime for many of us adults, kids are adjusting to virtual learning Monday through Friday and – on the social front – using FaceTime, Duo and other video conferencing platforms as their primary connector to grandparents, cousins, classmates and friends.

So I fielded some questions from young Rhody nation last weekend over Twitter – either directly or through their family/parents.

Let’s take a few in the order they were received:

My list of the best Rams dunkers starts with Jacob Toppin and Hassan Martin. Who else would you include? – TG | 5 years old (submitted by grandparent Keith)

Jacob Toppin-Photo Credit: Alan Hubbard

Hi TG, thanks for your question and you certainly have a great start to your list with the first two. I think when all is said and done Toppin may be the most electrifying many of us will ever see. And there is no question Hassan brought thunder to the rim.

In my lifetime, Tavorris Bell (’01) is without question one of the best ever to wear Keaney Blue. He once took a dare and jumped over a car! He was a terrific dunker at URI, with an unbelievable vertical leap. Lamonte Ulmer (’10) also comes to mind. Drenched in crazy athleticism, Ulmer was a special talent who glided through the air but threw dunks down with power. Kenny Green (’89) could send it home too, in addition to doing so much more.

How are the players doing right now? How are they going to practice? – JWM | 6 years old (submitted by Sue)

Hi JWM… that’s a very good question.

This is an interesting time for all of us, and as I’m sure your family has told you we have to be patient and trust the doctors, nurses and others who are doing great work to keep us healthy.

Many schools, like URI, are not in classrooms right now, just like you may not be in your kindergarten or 1st grade class. The players have gone home to be with their families for the time being. They are taking “remote classes” where they can talk with their classmates and learn over their computers on the internet.

rhody insider uri athletics newsletterWhile the team can’t practice together right now, it’s still a great time for the players to get better on their own. They can do so by practicing drills at home, lifting weights, and running. If they can’t get to a gym right now, they can still “practice” in other ways — like watching videos to help them understand how to “think” the game better.

I know the coaching staff is also communicating daily with them, staying connected, and making sure they and their families are well.

Can you describe why the horns set used by the 2016-17 team was so difficult to defend? – RL | 4.5 years old

Well, no doubt that using Kuran Iverson and Hassan Martin who had complementary skill sets as screeners, flanked on the perimeter by the crop of guards that team possessed — made that team difficult to guard.

There were many read and react actions they could take to give opponents fits. By the way, I think your Dad might be an SID.