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Students Rebuild Green in New Orleans Post-Hurricane Katrina

The Historic Green Event occurs during the two weeks of spring break when college students from all corners of the nation volunteer by helping residents in New Orleans post-Hurricane Katrina rebuild their homes green. These volunteers work on deconstruction and reconstruction projects, and they improve spaces by creating rain gardens and planting trees.

There has been too much construction waste from renovation and rebuilding in the city, so these volunteers’ priority is to utilize as many resources as possible. Projects are demonstrated to the community, providing knowledge to residents on how to reuse materials.

Students give their time and energy out of compassion for these homeowners because of the difficulties they’ve endured since the storm. And as a plus, many of the students who volunteer are architecture majors and can use this event as a great hands-on learning experience for their future careers.

To learn how you can get involved in rebuilding New Orleans green, visit http://www.rtno.org/get-educated/green/