The New Contour

Dream of having access to a simple, user-friendly app and digital viewing platform that puts today’s top entertainment choices right at your fingertips, or just a single spoken word away? Consider your wishes granted: The new Contour is here from Cox, and it promises to revolutionize not only the way we look at TV, but also the entire future of entertainment. Providing viewers with thousands of television shows, movies, and apps to choose from, and making all easy to pull up and enjoy on-demand in a variety of cutting-edge ways, you’ll literally spot the difference the second you get connected.

Imagine if you could design a single application for organizing and accessing digital media that places the hottest new films, primetime hits, and more just a tap or voice command away. And did so seamlessly from a variety of devices including iPads, Android phones, tablets, and PCs. What features might it include, beyond existing options such as personalized recommendations and playlists, and the ability to watch video on dozens of devices from virtually anywhere in the home? Just a few new highlights the new Contour next-generation entertainment platform offers alongside an even more immersive, intuitive, and vibrant user interface include:

  • Voice Commands – A microphone button puts the power of voice controls at your command, letting you change channels, search for hit shows, discover new programs, and more on-demand just by stating your request. Just tell Contour what you’re on the hunt for, and you can take can take total control of your TV and call up all your favorite networks and shows in seconds.
  • Smart Search Functions – Love watching popular series, sitcoms, and late-night reruns, but hate having to channel surf to find the good stuff? Enjoy obscure indie films or being the first of your friends to discover breaking documentaries? With the new Contour’s Smart Search by T9 features, it’s faster and easier than ever to pull up what you want, when you want, than ever.
  • Sports Features – Not only do dedicated apps and enhanced features make it easier to follow your favorite teams than ever. The new Contour also makes it effortless to auto extend live event recordings, so you can catch every minute of the action and play-by-play commentary, guaranteed.
  • Kids Zone Options – Parents can enjoy even greater peace of mind and security with enhanced parental control features and information on children’s programming as well, ensuring that kids can enjoy the best in age-appropriate content, and tune out unwanted options.
  • Reviews and Opinions – Quickly pull up and access the latest reviews from both critics and viewers just like you, so you can discover more breaking smashes and hidden gems, and hear what others have to say about the hottest new films and TV programs.
  • Enhanced User Interface – All-new upgrades include an improved last button for quicker and easier access to the last nine programs watched; extended help and support menu options; additional tips and tricks; and more.
  • More Apps and Programs – Wonder what today’s weather is like? Curious how traffic is moving? You can find out with an expanded suite of interactive applications which invite you to interact with your TV in a variety of new and increasingly connected ways.

In addition to these upgrades, you’ll also find that because the new Contour and its user interface are accessible online, via cloud-based solutions (just as you might access a Web page), you’ll gain access to a number of additional new benefits. For example:

  • Cross Platform Capabilities – Want to watch TV from virtually anywhere inside your home? Just connect from a mobile device (i.e. PCs, tablets, iPads, or Android phones) and you can access all your favorite channels on-demand.
  • Smaller Boxes – Honey, they’ve shrunk the equipment: The new Contour also introduces smaller, less noticeable boxes, so you can add service to additional TVs with a minimum of space required.
  • Future Platform Capabilities – Several new cutting-edge features will be coming to Contour – be sure to check back often for more announcements and updates!

As you can see, the new Contour – which will cost the same as existing Contour solutions, and be sold alongside them when it debuts in all Cox markets by the end of April 2016 – provides the perfect complement to today’s 21st century home entertainment setup.

A cutting-edge viewing companion, the platform provides a simple, centralized way to pull up virtually any form of digital media on-demand, and do it in a way that’s incredibly flexible, incredibly powerful, and incredibly convenient.

Offering viewers countless new ways to enjoy and interact with entertainment, be certain to tune in as soon it arrives – you’ll be glad you made the connection!