GoPro Camera

In today’s tech world, modern cameras have essentially been replaced by the smartphone, but GoPro is fighting back with cutting edge HD tech.

Initially a mounted-camera solution for extreme sports like surfing and snowboarding, the GoPro camera has expanded into something refreshingly simple: a small, high-quality video recording and editing tool.

The GoPro HERO3—GoPro’s base-level camera kit—touts up to 1080p video capture at 30 frames per second, 5-megapixel photo quality and built-in Wi-Fi compatibility.

As a result, GoPro cameras like the HERO3 and HERO3+ have been selling in droves, unleashing an amazing wave of fan—and professional—HD video reels.

Of course, wearable cameras are nothing new. They’ve been a staple of documentaries and extreme sports for ages but the ease of the GoPro with the high-grade components has apparently found a great niche.

Now, that success is leading the company to take its next big step—a $100 million IPO that’s boosted GoPro’s value to over $3 billion.

GoPro hitting the stock market may even cause the film industry to change.

Access to solid, durable cameras like these without fear of cost or damage could yield some eye-catching videos from all corners of the Internet, especially in places that we sometimes take for granted:

If technology like the GoPro camera becomes as big as it’s aiming, amazing HD videos shots of action scenes don’t have to be captured with thousand-dollar rigs or fragile, expensive shutters on tripods. In fact, if GoPro continues its rate of success, the technology could possibly get even cheaper.

Moveover, this may quell a major rift in the mobile tech world.

Even now, point-of-views cameras are already facing a public image battle from gadgets like Google Glass, which lead to fights over privacy. Smartphone videos aren’t any better and people still see them as an intrusive gadget.

People don’t like cameras they can’t see, but they still want the high-tech fun of self-captured HD videos with the ease of apps. GoPro may be the answer for everyone, from kids to directors and athletes to teachers.