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As always, there is a lot going on here on the Ninth Island of Las Vegas, and the month of June is no exception. Of course, possibly the biggest news announced recently is the closing date for the iconic Mirage.
There’s a lot going on over the month of May here in Las Vegas, starting with weekly fireworks at The Plaza Hotel and Casino. Beginning May 24th for Memorial Day weekend through August 30th for Labor Day weekend, the property will have a fireworks display at 9:15pm to kick off the weekend.
The Mirage Volcano made its comeback in mid-March and will operate nightly every hour from 8pm to 11pm. Catch the shows while you can, as this Vegas landmark will go away for good once Hardrock begins construction on their planned guitar shaped hotel tower. At this time, they have not made the information of when this will happen public.
March is typically when the Vegas Valley starts to warm up.  Average daily highs are in the 70’s, making for the perfect outdoor weather.  This is a great time to take advantage of all of the parks and hiking trails just outside of the Strip. At night, the temps do tend to drop 20-30 degrees, so you’ll want to pack warmer clothes for the evenings.
For 12 magic minutes, Touchdown in Newport will wow viewers who, while gazing at the night sky, will feel the sun on their faces and smell the suntan lotion. The light show is so vibrant, some viewers may feel compelled to grab a boogie board and run, slow-motion-Bay-Watch style, into the ocean. VNB hopes to inspire football fans to wash off that game-day face paint and hop the 38-minute flight to John Wayne Airport for some laid-back beach fun.
MAAC started out in 1965. as the Mexican-American Advisory Committee really focused on being able to open opportunities for Mexican Americans that were in the United States, specifically in San Diego. In the 1970s, the name changed to the Metropolitan Area Advisory Committee, and really to let itself be known that it’s an organization that is very inclusive, and it’s open to all.
If you’re looking for a place to watch the game, you will want to make those plans well in advance. Casino Sportsbooks and restaurants will both be requiring paid reservations. Restaurants on the Strip tend to have a set price that includes a table and food and beverages for the price.
There are approximately 60-70 different conference/trade shows taking place through the month covering quite the array of vendors.  We’re talking food to concrete, cosplay to adult entertainment.
December is quite the festive month here on the Ninth Island! Along with the glittering neon lights that Las Vegas is known for, holiday displays and attractions add to the glow, both on and off the Strip.
Those hot days of the summer are gone, and the cooler weather is here.  The average daily temperature in November is in the upper 60s to lower 70s, but it does cool down quite a bit at night.  This makes for great weather for hiking and exploring the outdoor attractions located throughout the Vegas Valley.