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Zion Williamson’s Shoe Broke and the Basketball World Exploded (Update)

Zion Williamson’s shoe broke 30 seconds into the highly anticipated matchup between Duke and North Carolina Wednesday night.

Fans were robbed of the drama in a game that many paid Super Bowl prices to see. Barack Obama was in attendance and, with the NBA in recess, the basketball world was completely focused on this matchup of college basketball’s best and most storied franchises.

And just like that. It was over.

And then twitter exploded.

Then of course people started thinking about how those slow motion replays with the Nike swoosh featured front and center were going to affect sales.

Puma’s new president Jay-Z might start locking up some new athletes…

And a nice catch by Chris Hughes of NBC Sports Washington as he was able to read President Barack Obama’s lips the moment it happened.

Such a strange and startling event that upstages anything else that could have potentially happened. A generational talent knocked out because his shoe broke.

Let’s hope there’s some good news in the coming days for Williamson.


Coach K says Zion suffered a “mild knee sprain” and the timetable for his return is up in the air. All things considered, that’s some good news.