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Hahnville Tops Terrebonne in Scoring Bonanza

Hahnville hosted Terrebonne Wednesday night in a Week 2 Class 5A match-up that pitted Tigers against Tigers in a battle for 2-0.


A muffed snap gave Hahnville an early opportunity to score, and Trey LaBranch was the one to capitalize on it for the game’s first score. Turnovers would be a problem for Terrebonne throughout the game – they racked up three on the night.

Terrebonne responded with a 76-yard drive that took over seven minutes off the clock. 3-star prospect Jaylin Lucas tied it up for his Tigers, taking it in from the 4.

Lucas and LaBranch dominated the action tonight on the ground, both rushing for over 200 yards.

Not to be outdone, Hahnville QB Drew Naquin drove the Tigers’ total 208 passing yards in the game with some big passes.

Hahnville tops Terrebonne 47-40 in the final to rise to to 2-0 while Terrebonne breaks even at 1-1.

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