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Denham Springs Wins a Close One for #77

Walker and Denham Springs clash in a Livingston Parish rivalry game Friday night.

The Yellow Jackets played a sharp, clean game in the first half, which resulted in a quick 19 points that proved too much for Walker to answer.

With both teams improving, it was slated to be a close contest. But Denham Springs had the added motivation of a fallen teammate to honor.

Stopping the Run

Sophomore RB Ray McNeely could not be stifled in this contest, running for 260 yards on 32 carries in a career high.

Shutting Down Drives

The Yellow Jackets were able to stop Walker several times as they threatened to score, which proved pivotal in keeping points off the board for the Wildcats. Twice in the first half, Walker got inside the Yellow Jackets’ 5 yard line but failed to convert.

Porter Gibson came through for the Denham Springs defense with excellent stopping power and a laser focus on the opposing QB.

Wildcats Wilding

If there’s one thing you can count on, it’s that Brian Thomas will not be denied. His 48-yard kickoff return lead to a 17-yard pass and a score for him and QB Hunter Bethel. Thomas’ short list of offers are a who’s who of the SEC: LSU, Georgia, Alabama, and Texas A&M.

As the night progressed, the Wildcats just couldn’t catch up to the Yellowjackets’ early scores. Denham Springs wins a close one 26-21.

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