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Dash to the Desert Overtime – First Round Upset Specials

2017 Midwest Bracket

The First Round of the NCAA Tournament is one of the most exciting times on the sports calendar. One major reason? Upset specials, where almost everyone will root for the underdogs.

Your bracket will be messed up in due time anyways, so why not pull for that 14-seed to beat the powerhouse 3-seed? Unless your favorite team is that 3-seed, it’s just more fun to watch a major upset take shape, as the excitement builds and explodes in the form of pure joy from a team you least expect it from. It’s why we love March.

With this in mind, Vin Parise and Scott Williams hit their third overtime of Dash to the Desert, YurView’s NCAA Tournament show. The duo look at some of the Thursday/Friday pairings that might have the higher seeds holding their breath late in these games.

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