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The Firebirds Blank Brophy in Season Opener

The Chaparral Firebirds were firing on all cylinders and eager to make up for lost time in their first game of the season, a face off against Brophy.

Chaparral RB Jared Williams exploded into this game and could not be stopped until a leg cramp took him out of action in the third quarter.

The major story of the night had to be the Silbor-Minor connection. Senior WR Max Minor delivered a workmanlike performance for his team, making key catches to move the ball for Chaparral but only netting one touchdown on the night.

The Firebirds didn’t put all of their passes in one basket, notes AZ Central’s Dana Scott. His game recap gives honorable mentions to “junior running back Grady Hickey (1 rushing TD, 52 all-purpose yards), senior WRs Capri Hamilton (40 receiving yards, 4 catches) and Jackson Holmes (35 yards, 5 receptions).”

The Broncos defense put together an impressive effort but were unable to take advantage of Chaparral’s many penalties.


The Chaparral Firebirds take it all to beat Brophy 35-0.

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