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Get Your 2017 AAC Baseball Tournament Viewing Guide Here

2017 AAC Baseball Tournament

Even though parts of Colorado received two feet of fresh snow last week, that does not mean it isn’t spring. And to prove it we are heading into college Baseball Championship play. American Athletic Conference Championship play from Clearwater, Florida provides baseball fans with 15 games just this week. Take that, Mother Nature!

The fact that the AAC is such a young conference adds to the difficulty of handicapping. Only three teams have been champions since the inception of the conference; Houston in 2014, East Carolina in 2015 and Connecticut in 2016 – hardly the foundations of a dynasty which makes viewing all the more random and exciting.

Random and exciting indeed, as UCF, picked to finish last in the pre-season coaches poll, won the regular season conference title. These are the kinds of surprises and underdog stories that can be hallmarks of young leagues and that are bound to pop up all week long in the tournament.

The tournament will be a double elimination format once again this year after a brief experiment with round robin style play in its first year. Last year’s champs, Connecticut, are a three seed this year (as they were last year).

For a real insider’s look however, we’re turning to the AAC’s Hali Oughton in the video below:

AAC Tournament play can be seen on YurView Oklahoma, Kansas and New England at the following times:

  • Wednesday, May 24 9am ET / 8am CT
  • Thursday, May 25 11am, 3pm , 7pm ET / 10am, 2pm, 6pm CT
  • Friday, May 26 11am, 3pm ET / 10am, 2pm CT
  • Saturday, May 27 10am, 1pm, 4:30pm, 7:30pm ET / 9am, 12pm, 3:30pm, 6:30pm CT

YurView Channels for the AAC:

  • Kansas – channel 2122
  • Oklahoma – channel 1334
  • New England – channel 1004