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Celebrate the holidays with YurView

SPIRIT OF THE SEASON - The holidays are about bringing joy to others. Celebrate this time of the year with YurView’s heart-warming holiday programming starting on November 12th through December 31st.

Spiit of the Season on YurView 2023. Holiday content stream

Whether it’s spending time with loved ones, celebrating traditions, or doing acts of kindness the holidays are a time to engage in the festive spirit, feel joyful, and connect with the people who matter most.

Get into the Spirit of the Season as we celebrate this special time of joy, reflection, and coming together with family and community.

Beginning November 12th through December 31, YurView will be sharing a variety of Holiday-themed content with you. Tune in to enjoy our curated selection of uplifting Spirit of the Season programming.

How to watch

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YurView holiday programming will include:

Holiday Movie Spirit of the Season, Christmas at Carolina

Spirit of the Season -Movie of the week

Enjoy the holidays with our special selection of feel-good Christmas movies airing in November and December. “Christmas at the Holly Hotel”, “Christmas in Carolina”, and “Christmas Staycation”. Stay tuned for additional updates as more titles might be available.




Small town big deal Christmas content. spirit of the Season on YurView.

Holiday specials such as:

“Small Town, Big Deal: Christmas Across America.” Among all the fun and festivities that make Christmas so joyful, we share stories that exemplify this is the time of year when hearts are opened, and peace and goodwill take center stage. Hosts Jann Carl and Rodney Miller travel the country and experience how different areas of America celebrate the Christmas season.



Original content:

Main Street Living: Starting November 20th, join us for our Spirit of the Season-themed shows.

Main street Living holiday-themed programming on YurView Spirit of the Season