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Improve Both Your Physical and Mental Health with These Simple Steps

We’re talking brain health on the next Your Health. Host Erica Cardenas will give us tips on increasing memory and improving your overall brain health. We’ll talk about the benefits of breastfeeding, the importance of hearing screenings, tell you about a new way to diagnose and treat back pain, and getting in shape at Anytime Fitness.

If you’re suffering from back or neck pain you owe yourself a visit to Stridewell Spine. Their experienced physicians will find out exactly what’s wrong and what they can do about it.

The team at Audiology and Hearing Aid Center say getting your hearing tested is important for your overall health. Their experienced team is available to take care of any of your hearing needs and to give you a screening to check your hearing health.

Erica Cardenas talks with Dr. Matt Huentelman with TGen about their exciting new project called MindCrowd and their research into brain health. See how you can participate in this collaborative effort to learn more about brain-related diseases.

Agave Pediatrics is a different kind of pediatric clinic. The team of doctors believes in a holistic approach to medicine, treating the mind and body of the patient as well as includiing the entire family in that treatment. Agave Pediatrics specializes in breastfeeding help for new mothers. Many of their pediatricians have breastfed their own children so they are uniquely qualified to help new moms.

Working out in a friendly, no stress environment is important to maintaining a regular fitness regimen and at Anytime Fitness their mission is to provide you with the tools to meet your fitness goals.