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Decision Point Center’s Tailored Plans Work to Stop the Cycle of Addiction

Decision Point Center stopping addiction

By Jennifer Marshall

You are special. You are worthwhile. You have a unique gift to share with the world.

For those who possess a healthy measure of self-love, these are thoughts that are taken for granted. But for those who are trapped in the vicious web of alcohol and substance abuse and addiction, these words are a balm to their deep-seated wounds.

The professionals at Decision Point Center, in Prescott, Arizona, understand that these wounds are often the result of a personal trauma. Trauma often leaves misplaced negative feelings and emotions in its wake, which drive people to seek false comfort or escape with drugs and alcohol. This is how trauma acts as a catalyst for alcohol and drug addiction.

The highly trained and professionally licensed psychologists and therapists at Decision Point recognize that in order for their patients to stop the cycle of drug and alcohol abuse and addiction they must deal with the issue that drove them there in the first place. By understanding how and why their trauma caused their abuse and addiction issues, patients are ready to grow and embrace a wholesome new life full of self-worth and self-love. They’re able to read those powerful sentences above, internalize them and believe them to be true.

While the causal link between trauma and substance abuse is real across the board, everyone is different. Therefore, Decision Point will tailor a recovery plan for each individual patient.

So how does Decision Point transform lives? The professionals provide their patients with the tools and the knowledge needed to get well. Through their Residential Inpatient Program, they employ many therapies: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Eye Movement Sensitization and Reprocessing, Family Therapy and Trauma Therapy.

However, Decision Point cares about each patient as a whole and wants to ensure they’re happy and able to thrive once they leave the facility. Programs like Adventure & Recreation and Enrichment Activities allow patients to experience a natural outdoor high by partaking in activities in and around the beautiful Prescott area. Life Skills Development helps prepare patients to live their best life possible after discharge. And Twelve-Steps & Alternatives, Relapse Prevention and Alumni Support Program also focus on a healthy, happy and productive life outside the caring walls of Decision Point.

If you or someone you love is struggling with alcohol or substance abuse, please contact Decision Point Center today at 877-77ADMIT (877-772-3648). “Hope Begins Here”