Derek LodiOh DEER – 00:04 -My name is Derek Lodi. I’m a part owner of Oh DEER southeastern in northern Rhode Island. We provide a safe and effective treatments for tick and mosquito and we also do deer control. Today we are at Lifelog mansions down in Bristol, Rhode Island. They chose us to protect these beautiful flowers. They have multiple gardens throughout the property. They were having a lot of trouble with the deer eating and foraging,  deer can eat up to five pounds of flowers and foliage and landscape a day. So they do a lot of damage. Millions of dollars of destruction is done by deer every year. We want to stay on top of the deer because their timing is impeccable. They know exactly when the buds on the flowers are coming up. They know when the hostas are coming up. They’ve been set in their ways for a long time. And we’re trying to break their way. So we want to give them a different route, maybe go to a neighbor’s house or take a different scenic route along the water instead of coming up here.

We use a backpack sprayer or mist sprayer, some call it we use that to apply the deer control. It is plant derived. So you’ll have rosemary went to green, and things of that nature in there. So it is safe for the environment. You’re not going to have any issues around the animals or the children, you’re not going to have a 24 hour reentry period where you have to wait to go on to your property. We want our customers to be assured that they’re getting a safe treatment that their pets and animals are going to be safe.

With our tick and mosquito we use a high pressure hose. We have 400 feet of hose on the trucks and we carry 500 gallons. So we use more of a saturation process along the perimeters of the properties and in needed areas to eliminate those tics and mosquitoes. I do not like tics and mosquitoes myself. That’s why I originally got into this I saw the ad and I was like yeah, it seems pretty interesting. So I pursued it and everything’s been good so far. At oh DEER, we value our customers. They’re extremely important to us. We know how important our children are to us. We definitely want to keep them safe, especially when they’re just playing in the yard and along the edges of the property. We just want to take the right precautions to keep our children safe and our family safe.