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Keep on Cookin’ | Corn and Sweet Potato Chowder

Chef Nick Rabar shows you how to make the hottest summer dish on the latest Keep on Cookin’ segment.

00:05 – Nick Rabar

Thanks everyone for joining me here on Keep on Cookin and today we’re making this summer’s hottest dish corn and sweet potato chowder. We’re cooking with a variety of fresh ingredients including onions, sweet potato poblano peppers, fresh corn, there’s no time like the present. Let’s get it fired up.



Alright, so we got a nice pan here over medium heat, and I’m going to go in with some oil. Now, chowder, you have to have onions and I’m using these beautiful sweet onions, which really, really do caramelize far superior than like a traditional onion. Once those onion start to caramelize, we’re going to go in with the celery. Now you don’t want to put the celery in too soon, because celery has a lot of moisture content, and it’s going to prevent those onions from caramelized. So give them a minute in their in the oil on their own, just to do their thing. We’re also going to go in with a unique ingredient. These are poblano peppers. Poblano is a very mild pepper, so it’s not hot like a jalapenos or it’s not going to add a tremendous amount of heat to it. But it is going to add a little unique flavor that goes perfect with sweet potatoes and the corn mints. All right now as he starts to really caramelize we’re. gonna go with some of that sweet potato.   Chowder almost always has potato in it. A lot of times what you’ll see is like an Idaho or Yukon Gold, but this is going to add a very, very fun flavor to this chowder. We’re going to get those going, and we’re going to hit it with a little bit of salt, because you got to kind of season as you go. We’re going to go with a little bit of fresh cracked pepper. Now, all of those ingredients are doing their thing. And we’ll go on with the star of the show.



The sweet corn from 4 Town Farm. One of my favorite farms in Rhode Island for town grows the best corn you could have anywhere in the world and is absolutely perfect for corn chowder. Alright guys, big step here. big big step, going in with some butter. Okay, you got to have when we were talking about the corn being buttery, you got to have a little bit of real butter here. This is chowder after all, and you want it to be rich. Now, to thicken the soup. These chowders are traditionally a bit creamier and thick. We’re going to dust these vegetables with a little bit of flour. So we’re cooking out the flour that’s going to eliminate a lot of that flavor from the flour itself. And since we’re sizzling, it’s time to let’s calm it down. Okay, go with some chicken broth. Let’s go in with some heavy cream. Cuz you’ve got to have cream in a corn chowder. And that’s it. Now we’re just gonna let it simmer on low heat for about 20 minutes.


Alright guys, 20 minutes later, this is ready for action. So it has simmered, and by simmering, it breaks down all of those ingredients. The sweet potato is now saw. The corn has broken down and added the sweetness to the soup. And basically what you have is the best corn chowder you’re ever going to eat. And what chowder would be complete with of course, a little smoky, crispy, delicious Applewood bacon and some nicely sliver green onions and that is corn and sweet potato chowder. That’s a wrap here from chowder town, everybody so until we meet again, keep on cookin’.

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