On Chef Nick Rabar’s “Keep on Cookin” segment, learn how to make these delicious and smoky short ribs. See how this special cut of meat is full of flavor as you savor every bite. Plus find out the best wine to pair from Wines & More of Cranston, RI.

Cut of Meat

Nick Rabar –  00:006 – Hey everyone, thanks for joining me here on Keep on Cookin and today we’re making my all time favorite cut of beef, the short rib. There’s quite a few reasons as to why the shorter is such a special cut of meat. Obviously, it comes from the rib more specifically the plate. But what’s so beautiful about it is that A) that it has a bone when you’re grilling like we’re going to do here today, the bone adds so much flavor. But even more important is this inter muscular fat right here called marbling, that marbling is gonna break down and base these short ribs so it’s gonna disappear, but it’s going to leave them with a ton of flavor.


 00:41 – Another reason to love short ribs is that they hold marinates very, very well. So I’m going to make a little marinade here today, we’re going to start off with a little bit of scallion. Then we’re going to go in with some chopped ginger, some minced garlic. Now we’ve got some wet ingredients. Going to start with honey, honey, we’re going to be generous with because that honey is going to really coat the outside of the short rib and caramelize up beautifully on the grill. Let’s go with a little soy for some salt. Little bit of rice vinegar, for some acidity. Little oil never hurts in a marinate like this. Crack pepper, inch of salt. Whisk it up, and boom marinade ready to go.


1:32 – So even though we have salt and pepper in a marinade, rule of thumb, always salt and pepper your red meat, especially when you’re grilling it. So a little bit of salt on the outside some fresh cracked pepper, and now we’re going to go on with that incredible soy, ginger, honey marinade. And now we’re gonna bring these right to the grill. Alright, now we’re gonna put these top side down, because we really want to caramelize them to lock in that fat and flavor. You can see as the flame starts to chase after them that they’re going to caramelize beautifully nice little sizzle, the fats rendering that marinades doing its thing the natural fat of the steak is doing its thing. We’re going to put a bone side down, cold side of the grill, let it go 30 minutes. Alright, so 30 minutes later, these look incredible, they’re caramelizing beautifully on the outside. Now this is an optional tip but it’s something that I personally do. When I do slow cooking with cuts of meat like this. We’re going to do a little foil wrap. You take the short rib off, you pop it in the foil, and then you put it back on the grill. Those are wrapped and ready. We’re going to let them go for two more hours. And while those are grilling, we’re going to make a little maple soy barbecue sauce.

BBQ Sauce

3:08 So it’s December and obviously we like to cook seasonally appropriate. That’s why this maple barbecue is going to be outstanding. To get started. We’re going to go in with a little bit of ketchup, that’s going to be the base of our barbecue sauce. Usually you would put molasses in a barbecue, but we’re going to do the maple syrup, which is just absolutely sweet and adds that caramel color. Some wish to share very traditional. A little bit of apple cider vinegar, also very traditional, some brown sugar. Touch a soy sauce, it’s going to add a nice little salty note. We’d go in with some espresso. And then our dry ingredients. We have garlic powder, paprika, onion powder, and also a little bit of chipotle powder, a pinch of salt and a cracker pepper. All right, let’s go out and give this a whisk. Blend all those ingredients together. And there it is. Two hours later. These short ribs are done. They are sizzling. And they smell amazing. Let’s go take a peek at what they look like. Oh my talk about meat candy. I mean, that’s a short rib. Alright, time to put two and two together. We’ve got this maple soy barbecue. You just want to put enough on you don’t want these swimming and barbecue sauce. You know, as beautiful as those look,  I still feel like they’re missing something. I think it’s time we called in the big guns to help bring these to the next level. In my talented wife, Tracy, who’s the dynamic chef of erode, it is going to turn these short ribs into a knockout. Alright, kid, what do you got?

Ginger Scallion Sauce

Tracy & Nick Rabar – 5:07 – Well, you know what, Nick, I think I have the perfect complement to these gorgeous short ribs. And today we’re going to make my famous ginger scallion sauce, but we’re going to punch it up a little bit with some fresh Clementine…. I’m sold. So the first thing we need to do is take our beautiful clean ginger, and we’re going to chop that up. This requires a lot of ginger, about a third of a cup if you can believe that. Alright, so the next step, we’re going to add our olive oil, we want to use a very mild olive oil in this recipe. We don’t want the olive oil to overpower the sauce, and we’re going to do about a third of a cup of that as well. The next thing we’re going to do is we’re going to add in some of our toasted sesame oil, and we’re going to add about a teaspoon. Okay, the next ingredient we’re going to use is some fresh chopped garlic, all my favorite about a teaspoon of that. And then we’re going to go in with our scallion. This is about one bunch, maybe one and a half, so you got a good size couple of scallion they’re going to add that right in. So the next thing we’re going to add is a juice of one Clementine, pop it over your hands, you don’t get any seeds in the bowl. So after the juice what’s next? So we’re going to zest,  we’re going to add the zest of two Clementines. We’re going to use this micro planar and zest it right over the bowl. The last ingredient we’re going to add is a nice pinch of kosher salt, I would say about a quarter of a teaspoon. And then we’re going to take our whisk and we’re going to gently whisk this together. And that’s pretty much it. Want to make sure you scrape down the sides of that bowl and get every little bit. All right. Just when you thought you had the perfect short rib. Now they’re even better. Oh my look at that. So you have the smoky short rib, the maple soy barbecue and now this incredible orange ginger. gremolata. Those are stutters they sure are glad I stopped by,  me too. And listen, would you like to do the honors? If I must, you must,  until we meet again guys keep on cooking.

Wine Pairing

Krasi Lafore – Wines & More – 07:07 -Hello I’m Krasi Lafore  the wine manager at Wines and More in Cranston, Rhode Island and I’m here to present the perfect wine pairing for Chef Nick’s smoky short ribs. My recommendation is Catena Alta Malbec from Mendoza, Argentina. This wine is barrel aged for 18 months and it has flavors of plum, blueberries, Violet, black pepper, spice and black tea. The flavors complement the wines rich body fresh acidity, and soft tenant’s. This wine is easy to drink and exceptionally tasty. Come down to us start to pick a bottle and try it for yourself. We look forward to seeing you here once more in Cranston, Rhode Island. Cheers and happy holidays.