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Keep on Cookin’ | Grilled Scape Vinaigrette Potato Salad

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Chef Nick Rabar shows you his “way” of making this classic side dish that will be a hit at all your pot lucks.

00:07 Chef Nick Rabar

What’s up everybody. Thanks for joining me here on this beautiful summer day to make a leveled up version of the most classic of all grill side dishes, potato salad, but today, we’re making it my way. So typically potato salad is made with like a creamy dressing usually made for mayonnaise. Today we’re going to make it with a grilled garlic scape vinaigrette which is going to be absolutely delicious. On these beautiful little Yukon Gold potatoes. We’re also going to mix in some roasted radish, some fresh corn, chop celery, a little parsley, and of course, a little Applewood bacon. Let’s get cooking.

Yukon Gold Potatoes

0:42 So to get started, I’m going to take these baby Yukon Gold potatoes. Now I chose the Yukon golds because they are small and sweet and cook very quickly. And once we’ve got all those finished, we’re going to toss them right in this mixing bowl. So some olive oil, some crack pepper, and then a pinch of salt. Now, potato salad has been done so many different ways. And you’re so used to seeing the potato salad with just potatoes.


1:19  But today I’m going to add some of these gorgeous radishes right here. These radishes came from for town farm. They’re absolutely stunning. I’m going to trim off all of the greens. Move all these aside about I’m going to leave the potatoes and the radish separate from each other. Different root vegetables cook differently. So why reskin what they separate and go back end with a little bit of olive oil and repeat some kosher salt and some fresh cracked pepper and coat them nice and equally. Now is when things get good.


2:02  I’ve got these beautiful sheets of aluminum foil here, which I’m going to place some of the potatoes right in the middle of and then we’re going to wrap them up now don’t overload it. You want little little pouches. Let’s wrap them up. Plenty of slack. Lots of space on each side. That’s what you’re looking for. Let’s do it again. So let’s put those radishes right in there. Those beautiful oiled up seasoned up radishes. And now we’re just going to wrap them you don’t want foil ripping apart. Not having enough slap. Okay, you want well wrapped radishes. All right, we got our well swaddled potatoes are beautifully wrapped radishes, we’re gonna go straight onto the grill. We’re gonna place them on the cold side of the grill. We’re gonna let them go for about 25 minutes.


2:55  So these my friends are garlic scapes, these twisty twirly Tim Burton movie looking things that grow on the top of most varieties of garlic, they have certain parts, some that are tender, some that are a little bit more fibrous, so we’re just going to trim them up and use only the best parts. Scapes are kind of a bonus product of garlic, they pop at the top. Some people love them, others don’t quite know what they are. These things are so much fun. They’re a really delicious cross in flavor between garlic and like mature scallion everything is kind of getting gently seasoned with olive oil, salt, pepper, that way at the end. Let’s fire them up.


3:39  Scapes are on the grill and they’re going to cook quick on those hot coals, maybe three, four minutes, we give them a flip, they’re going to suffer they’re going to tenderize they’re going to add a ton of flavor to the scape vinaigrette.  Oh, and just as I had hoped, these are charged up beautifully. So let’s get them out of there. Now that they’ve done exactly what we had hoped. And we’re going to bring them over here and chop them up. So nicely course fun little odd shops and they are looking good. So I love making vinaigrettes this way you’re going to love it. Okay, I like to do equal parts honey, especially with this vinegar add vinegar, which I’m using champagne vinegar to equal part olive oil. By adding the honey it cuts the acidity of the vinegar and the olive oil adds the body and it really makes a delicious well balanced vinaigrette. Now we got to season a little salt, little pepper. Okay, I’m going to go on with some fresh herbs. Chop parsley today that’s gonna brighten up that salad. And of course, what we all came here for scapes. And we’re gonna mix all that together. I’m freaking out. This is looking so good. veggies are chopped dressings made time for the main attraction. This by friends, is where it all comes together.


05:01  All right everybody let’s take a peek. These look perfect can see those steam popping out. See how the potatoes all look like there is still maintain their body but they’re soft and tender and ready to eat. Same goes for the radishes you can see that those aren’t quite that vibrant red they were they’ve now gone into like a roasted pink kind of color. And it is all going to come together. Let’s mix it up. I am completely freaking out. This is looking gorgeous. Let’s go in with those potatoes. Let’s do the same thing with the radish. So radish, almost equal parts potato radish if you want more potato by all means go for it. And we’re going to go in with everything else. Don’t forget we’ve got some celery hideout over here. Some corn, some Applewood bacon, dicing course chopped. And then of course real scape vinaigrette, now on the grilled garlic scape dressing. Now we’re going to mix and you can see that that scape dressing is just enough what a season it as we always do a little finishing salt, a little bit of fresh crack pepper for more chop parsley. And we have got ourselves a potato salad like no other. Look at this. Have you ever seen a dish that looks quite like that? That is how potato salad is done. This was so much fun guys, keep having fun, stay creative, and above all keep on cooking.

Wine Pairing

06:39 Liz Paulo

Hey everyone, my name is Liz Paulo and we’re here at Wines and More in Cranston Rhode Island for another perfect pairing for Chef Nick’s recipe of potato salad and vinaigrette. This week we chose a wine called Reserve du Naufraget Vouvray. This wine comes from the northern law valley of the region of France. This wine is produced from 100% Chenin Blanc and complements the recipe of potato salad because it’s nice medium bodied, has a lot of tropical fruit, which is great for some of the nuances like the corn in the recipe, and it also has enough acidity and sweetness to cut through the Applewood bacon. A concentration of rich flavors develop aromas of honey fresh keeps an orange peel. Let’s give it a taste. Delicious. Come taste reserve Naufraget Vouvray, for yourself. We hope to see you back here to discover all the wonderful selections we have out wines and more in Cranston, Rhode Island. Cheers

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