My name is Neil Zaccarelli. And we are a Food Truck Friday.

Eric Weiner – PVD Foods
So we have 17 food trucks here tonight, along with beer and wine vendor, local beer, and we have live music and it’s our weekly tradition of getting the community out to enjoy each other’s company and support local business and have a great safe outdoor time.

It’s just an awesome social event it is a great place to people watch to get great food.

My wife and I and a group of us have been coming. This is the eighth year this was the eighth year of the event. Every Friday. This is our summer, every Friday night.

Eric Weiner
From April through September at five o’clock on Friday night. This is the truck Friday. This is our flagship event that we do every single Friday here in the park at Carousel Village with our partners Roger Williams Park Zoo and Carousel.

And we’ve enjoyed just the atmosphere. Obviously the food, the different types of food, the music,

Just just the entire atmosphere is just excellent.

To see all the different types of trucks that are here. There’s there’s something to please everyone’s taste.

My son’s favorite truck is Championship Melt. He loves this Dan Hansen’s. Its absolutely amazing.

I like to try every single truck on here. Today it was Basil and Bunny, and the burger was excellent.

Eric Weiner
One of the things that’s really amazing about food truck Friday is how resilient our food trucks are and how resilient our food truck fanatics are. Tonight was one of those nights where really out of nowhere, we got a burst of a rainstorm for about 18 minutes.

So the rain stopped. And within five minutes, the lines were back looks like people crawl back out of their cars or from under the trees. And they’re back in line and they’re supporting all these small businesses is one of the really cool things about the community that we’ve built here.

Everybody’s friendly, it’s always been a great atmosphere.

Eric Weiner
I think what we’ve been able to capture is we’ve been able to use social media and technology to reproduce the Old Town Square experience where people used to come out, you know, and meet their neighbors so that people can actually come out and have that old fashioned community experience and we’re using technology to help bring it to them.

Oh, they have to come

Missing out on some great food.

Bring a chair and enjoy the nice level. If you just listen to live music and you eat excellent food

Its just a great time.