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Buns Bakery

Buns Bakery makes traditional pastries and cakes that are handcrafted and delicious. The bakery bakes fresh to order and they ship nationwide. Specializing in Israeli products babka and challah breads.

Guy Hanuka – Founder– Buns Bakery -00:01 – So I’m Guy, and I’m the founder of Buns Bakery, tt’s the Island of Misfit Toys. How do you call it? Basically, what we do is Jewish and Israeli traditional pastries or cakes, if I tried to put it philosophically, it’s a collage of everything I’ve picked up on the road from baking, to love for people to customer service. I think a lot of also for my military experience, when you look at that, the build up behind me.

For a while, I didn’t know what I’m doing. Because I was a baker for too long and didn’t know where to start how to start a bakery. I can start the bakery for somebody else. But that’s what I used to do. But then when it was only me, I couldn’t really gather all the pieces, and when COVID hit, I just started to bake for more. There was nothing else to do. So I was baking so much and stuff just stayed in the house. So one day we posted on Facebook who wants boxes and pallets for the weekend. And I don’t know how to say no.

So everybody ordered, so Yes, we’re  going to do it. I broke two KitchenAid that night, and kept mixing by hand. Everything came out but I never planned that to happen because the oopsie, as you say in English.  That’s when the whole thing exploded. Bakeries and bakers lightspace. So after six months of open Maine, we found this facility in Providence and we were lucky enough that there was an opening and we feel it right here. There’s so much going on today that we can do it without them.

1:36 We bake everything fresh to order. So every day there’s kind of the same cycle we come in in the morning, we bake whatever we need to bake to fulfill orders and then we start production for the day after basically.  We’re focusing on Israeli products, things that I used to bake in Israel . Pretty much the staple is our babka.

1:54 Every product we have we play on the flavors basically so we started from chocolate babka we add cinnamon, and then we have cinnamon babka, blueberry we added pecan and apple babka is coming next fall for Rosh Hashanah. We make hallah breads we constantly keep searching for more and more flavors to add to it.  Customers and customer service and really having those interactions and relationships, are our passion. It’s not just about the sale for us  but we enjoy the whole process of growing together. And we’re hoping to reach out to as many people as we can, and also hopefully over time make changes in people’s lives, whether it works or populations that we can help for the better. That’s what we’re hoping for.