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Before Buying or Selling a Home Consider The REVINRE Revolution

Nothing is more personal than selling your home.  Whether you need more space or it’s time to scale back existing square footage, your reasons are unique to you.  Selecting a partner to help with the sale of your home should be a one-of-a-kind experience.

And now it is with The REVINRE Revolution.  A resource for homeowners who are not looking for a standardized approach to selling or buying a home.

Host Danielle Lerner grew up in Arizona and looks at The REVINRE Revolution through the “Mom” lens.  With three girls ages 5 and under, Danielle understands the importance of crafting services to meet the needs of families.

Danielle Lerner and Charles Hampton – Courtesy: YurView

Charles Hampton, the C.O.O. of REVINRE joins Danielle to discuss how their specialized approach is taking the Arizona by storm.  The REVINRE Revolution is airing on YurView – Cox Cable Channel 4 in Phoenix and Channel 7 in Tucson.  Check your local programming guide for dates and times or watch it here.