At NASA Langley Research Center, there are many departments involved in helping send rockets, astronauts, and rovers to space! One department in particular is the Aerothermodynamics branch.The Aerothermodynamics branch (a combination between aerodynamics and thermodynamics), is run by department head and rocket scientist, Kelly Murphy. This branch’s purpose is to build a capsule that NASA will be sending to Mars. Kelly has helped her team create and design elaborate and complex wind tunnel models for the capsule to test for data they will use in their mission. Kelly has worked on many projects regarding super-sonic and hyperactive wind tunnels.

However, not only is this talented rocket scientist thriving in the academic field, she is also a huge sponsor of the musical events that happen at NASA Langley. By creating hundreds of listening-room opportunities for listeners , Kelly allowed artists to preform for audiences for the past 20 years around the Hampton Roads region. Additionally, she is very active on local non-profits.

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