Tyler Waters, a Mass Communications Specialist in the Navy, found a great way to maintain his physical fitness by rock climbing. With every new wall he gets a mental, physical, and fun challenge!

If you’re not a fan of traditional workouts or want to switch up your exercise routine, rock climbing may be just the thing for you!


There are multiple benefits of this total body and mind workout. We’ve listed just a few below:

  1. Strengthens Muscle Groups
  2. Improves Flexibility
  3. Reduces Stress
  4. Increases Mental Endurance
  5. Helps Conquer Fears and Build Confidence
It’ll make you feel like you’re on top of the world!

…and in some cases you just might be

Each climbing wall presents a new challenge and by reaching the top you will have achieved a sense of victory! Make sure to look up rock climbing gyms in your area


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