Founded in 1889, the Portsmouth Humane Society is a nonprofit organization that depends on charitable donations and volunteer work to make their mission possible. Their mission is “to provide shelter, care, and treatment to homeless animals in the City of Portsmouth community through permanent adoptions, spay/neuter programs, and community education.”

“About Us.” Adopt Portsmouth Humane Society, Portsmouth Humane Society, 2019, Accessed 5 Apr. 2019.

Hometown Heroes was fortunate to speak with two true animal heroes. We interviewed Babs Zuhowski (Executive Director of Portsmouth Humane Society) and Debra Griggs (President of the Virginia Federation of Humane Societies, Founder of Animal Resources of Tidewater) and spoke to them about the ways in which they provide services to help homeless pets and how they ensure their long and healthy lives.

Pets enrich our lives in immeasurable ways! If you are looking to make a difference visit their website at Their website provides tons of resources such as:

Links to animal welfare services

Adoptable Animals

Donation wish lists

Upcoming events